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New Layout, LaTeX, and Tag Clouds!

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I got a new octopress layout using Melandri’s layout here. I also discovered how to make cool striped backgrounds with StripeGenerator, use cool new fonts from The League of Movable Type, and use cool pre-made icons with Double-J Design. Hopefully the layout will encourage me to actually keep up with my tech blog!

I also installed $\LaTeX$ integration with Octopress using the handy hints from here. Now I can write pretty in-line equations like $e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0$ or centered equations like $$\int_{\Omega} \, d\omega = \int_{\partial \Omega} \, \omega.$$ Nice! Hopefully this will motivate me to write more math-related entries!

To keep track of tags, I installed a plugin to generate tag clouds (see the right sidebar) using this plugin here. I also finally discovered how to make background images that are just noises using this background generator here. I like the simplicity of these backgrounds!